Hello, my name is Arvydas Gazarian

I manage technology solutions, operations and workflows
for Post Production

Here is what I can do for you...

\\ Reduce Production Costs

\\ Solve Technical Challenges

\\ Improve Workflow Efficiency

Remote Edit in the Cloud

Deploy a cloud based edit environment for your team. Complete with compute, software, storage, support and MAM facilities, it will outperform any commercial post house offering, at a lower cost.

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Pop-up Edit Suite Facilities

Set up and support a full stack on-premises edit and finishing facility for you. Shared storage, networking, workstations, colour-accurate monitoring, secure authentication, remote access, backup and disaster recovery systems.

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Workflow Consulting

Design bespoke Netflix and TPN compliant DI post production workflows that improve trust with your clients and offer unparalleled efficiency and financial advantage.

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What are the advantages of editing in AWS?

How much does it cost to edit in AWS?

What tools and software do you have experience with?

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